Various Insurance Plans by HDFC Standard Life Insurance

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd is one of India’s leading private life insurance company, which offers a wide range of individual and group insurance solutions. It is a joint venture between Housing Development Finance Cooperation Limited(HDFC Ltd) India and a UK based Standard Life Company as both being partners come together to form HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited. It is a company to be granted a license by IRDA. HDFC Standard Life Insurance realise that everyone has the same kind of needs keeping in mind they offer various range of products that you can choose from to suit ones needs. That will help you secure your future as well as the future of your family.

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Corporation is sure to become one of the leaders and one the first & best preference for any life insurance customer.

The various products offered by HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co Ltd are:-


Protection Plans
1. Term Assurance Plan
2. Loan Cover Term Assurance Plan
3. Home Loan Protection Plan

Investment Plans
1. Single Premium Whole Life Plan
2. Unit Linked Wealth Maximiser Plus

Pension Plans
1. Personal Pension Plan
2. Unit Linked Pension
3. Unit Linked Pension Plus

Savings Plans
1. Endowment Assurance Plan
2. Unit Linked Endowment
3. Unit Linked Endowment Plus
4. Money Back Plan
5. Children’s Plan
6. Unit Linked Youngstar
7. Unit Linked Youngstar Plus

Group Products
1. Group Term Insurance
2. Group Variable Term Insurance
3. Group Unit Linked Plan

Other Products
5. Rural Products
6. Social Products
7. Tax Benefits Plans

The Premiums vary from plans to plan; the premium payment can be done by direct desk payment in the branch, online payment, and courier or cheque drop box. You can also pay by ECS or Automatic Debit System or Credit Cards.

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company aims at complete customer satisfaction and it has a hassle-free process been formulated to provide maximum convenience to the customer.

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