HDFC Term Assurance Plan

August 17th, 2009

Term life insurance policy is a pure risk cover policy. The policy covers till the specified period. If the policyholder survives the term, the risk cover gets end. HDFC Term Assurance Plan is specially designed to meet the needs of those people who cannot pay higher premiums.

Secondly, this plan is designed to protect your family’s financial needs in case of uncertainties. If the policyholder dies prematurely before the termination of the policy period, the family of the decease gets lump sum amount(if option is chosen). One can choose the lump sum that would replace the income lost to one’s family in the unfortunate event of one’s death.


  1. High cover at low cost.

  2. Flexibility to choose the Sum Assured.

  3. Additional benefit options.

  4. Premium amount remains unchanged till the policy gets over, in case of regular premium.

  5. Option to choose single premium or regular premium.

  6. Tax benefits under sections 80C, 80D and 10(10D) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

HDFC Ergo- New Healthwise (Floater)

July 20th, 2009

HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited offers New Healthwise (Floater)  , it is a health insurance plan that protects yourself and your family against medical expenses from sickness or injury. Under this plan, you can cover your spouse, up to 2 children and also up to 2 dependent parents.

The plan is open to any individual and dependents in the age group of 6 months to 55 years. The sum insured ranges are 1Lakh, 1.5lakh, 2Lakh, 3Lakh, 4Lakh and 5Lakh.

It covers hospitalization expenses including doctor/surgeon’s fees, room charges, ICU charges, operation theatre charges, cost of medicines and drugs, etc. It also covers pre and post hospitalization expenses, cost of health check ups, ambulance charges, organ donor hospitalization and hospital cash in case 15 days of hospitalization.


-Cashless hospitalization facility at over 4000+ network hospitals across India.

-5% bonus on sum assured for every claim free year.

-Tax benefit on premium paid under section 80D as per IT rule.


HDFC Endowment Assurance Plan.

July 7th, 2009

As being the head of the family, this is your prior duty to look after those who depends on you. Not only for the present, but for life time, in the future too. You never know, what your destiny wants……To help provide protection to your family in time of your absence, why not invest? I mean with the money! Why don’t you invest your money in an insurance policy which will give you twin benefits of Saving as well as Protection, which will be helpful to your family members incase you are dead.

Endowment Assurance Plan is a ‘With Profits’ plan invented to secure your family’s future by giving your family a guaranteed lump sum on maturity.


  1. Basic Sum Assured with Vested Bonus on survival up to Maturity period.

  2. Provides protection to your family through lump sum payment in case of your unfortunate death in between the policy term.

  3. Option to customize your policy as the way you need by adding any one of the 4 benefit options available.

  4. Choose the premium payment option as you like- Annually, Half-Yearly or Quarterly.

  5. Tax benefits under sections 80C, 80D and 10(10D) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

HDFC Ergo New Healthwise (Floater)

June 8th, 2009

HDFC Ergo New Healthwise (Floater) is a unique health insurance policy which takes care of your entire family against medical expenses arising due to sickness and injury.

Policy at Glance-

The policy is available for all family members between the age group of 6 months to 55 years. The sum insured is between the ranges of Rs.1Lakh and 5Lakh with cover for spouse plus 2 children and 2 dependent parents.

Policy Coverage-

It includes doctors/specialist fees, hospital room charges, in hospital medical treatment, organ donor transplant, health check ups, hospital cash, pre and post hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges, etc.


  • Cashless hospitalization facility at over more than 4000 network hospitals across India.

  • 5% cumulative bonus on sum assured for every claim free year.

  • Tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act,1961.

Various Insurance Plans by HDFC Standard Life Insurance

February 13th, 2009

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd is one of India’s leading private life insurance company, which offers a wide range of individual and group insurance solutions. It is a joint venture between Housing Development Finance Cooperation Limited(HDFC Ltd) India and a UK based Standard Life Company as both being partners come together to form HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited. It is a company to be granted a license by IRDA. HDFC Standard Life Insurance realise that everyone has the same kind of needs keeping in mind they offer various range of products that you can choose from to suit ones needs. That will help you secure your future as well as the future of your family.

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Corporation is sure to become one of the leaders and one the first & best preference for any life insurance customer.

The various products offered by HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co Ltd are:-


Protection Plans
1. Term Assurance Plan
2. Loan Cover Term Assurance Plan
3. Home Loan Protection Plan

Investment Plans
1. Single Premium Whole Life Plan
2. Unit Linked Wealth Maximiser Plus

Pension Plans
1. Personal Pension Plan
2. Unit Linked Pension
3. Unit Linked Pension Plus

Savings Plans
1. Endowment Assurance Plan
2. Unit Linked Endowment
3. Unit Linked Endowment Plus
4. Money Back Plan
5. Children’s Plan
6. Unit Linked Youngstar
7. Unit Linked Youngstar Plus

Group Products
1. Group Term Insurance
2. Group Variable Term Insurance
3. Group Unit Linked Plan

Other Products
5. Rural Products
6. Social Products
7. Tax Benefits Plans

The Premiums vary from plans to plan; the premium payment can be done by direct desk payment in the branch, online payment, and courier or cheque drop box. You can also pay by ECS or Automatic Debit System or Credit Cards.

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company aims at complete customer satisfaction and it has a hassle-free process been formulated to provide maximum convenience to the customer.

HDFC Car Insurance

January 27th, 2009

HDFC car insurance is a comprehensive cover to enhance protection coverage in affordable budgets. The car insurance is available for both private and commercial vehicles with wide range of coverage including damaged to the vehicle, third party liability and personal accident.

There are options to extend policy coverage by paying some additional premium. It includes accessories,

Personal accidental cover for passengers, legal liability for drivers etc.


1. Hassle free claim settlement.

2. Toll free helpline for product queries, policy changes and renewals.

3. Cashless claim service at network garages and workshops.

4. Emergency assistance services for towing and ambulance.

5. Cover charges for non accidental repairs.

HDFC Healthcare Finance

January 20th, 2009

HDFC bank launched its new product ‘Healthcare Finance’. It is specially designed to provide service for medical sector. The bank finances for doctors, hospitals, nursing home and diagnostic center to purchase necessary medical equipments.

The bank provide maximum loan amount up to 80% of the cost value. It also may be depends on customer strength. The bank also offer balance transfer option in lower interest rates.


  1. Loan approval process is quick within 72 hours.

  2. Finance for buying equipments or infrastructure development.

  3. Interest rates are charged on monthly reducing balance method.

  4. Various payment options (Post dated cheques, ECS or SI).

  5. No guarantor/collateral required for lower amount.

  6. Low processing charge up to 2%.

  7. Longer tenure up to 5 years.


HDFC car insurance

January 16th, 2009

A man uses the car for various purposes such as style statement, status symbol or just a necessity. Car insurance is the ideal way to protect your car from unexpected calamities to save your image.

Its surprise to know the India is the highest for road accidents and thefts. Due to this car insurance is mandatory in the country.

HDFC car insurance is available for commercial and private vehicle. The widest range of cover protect against claims for legal liability arising due to accidents including death and injury. It provides legal defense and pays sums necessary to settle claims.

HDFC car insurance provide additional benefit such as, cashless claim facility across India through network garages, ambulance charges, towing charges, and toll free helpline for customer support.

HDFC Rural Insurance

January 14th, 2009

Government is paying serious attention to the rural areas for developing their finance stability. The finance minister announces the regular packages and schemes with private organization. The new motto of government is to insure their people but there are two main reasons to tap the campaign-the cost of insurance service is high and a policy doesn’t meet the cost of the requirement.

HDFC life insurance company is looking forward to providing service for rural areas. The main aim of the company is providing insurance in maximum strength with lower cost.

HDFC Gramin Mitra Yojana” is the plan that is easily available for 18 to 50 years aged of people. The plan is worth Rs.500 by adding 50% to original investment in 3 years. The guaranteed maturity benefits Rs.750 and also death benefit of Rs.5000 in case of insurer’s death within the policy term. The Rs.500 is the single premium for the policy.


About HDFC Standard Life Insurance

January 7th, 2009

HDFC or Housing Development Finance Corporation is the largest insurance company in UK and ranks 28th in the list of largest companies in the world. HDFC Standard Life Insurance company is dealing with life insurance products and unit linked investments plans in India.

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company is one of the leading insurance companies in India that offers group insurance solutions. It is a joint venture between India’s Housing Development Finance Corporation and Standard Life group company. At HDFC Standard, Insurance plans are created/made according to the needs and requirements of the family.

HDFC Standard Life Insurance company provides you different types of Individual products/plans such as Protection plans, Investment plans, Pension plans, Saving plans and Health plans. It also offers various Group products/plans such as Group Term insurance, Group Variable Term insurance and Group Unit-Linked Plan. As HDFC Standard is a joint venture it has the financial expertise required to manage long-term investments safely and efficiently.

HDFC Standard Life believes in maintaining high customer service by providing ‘Customer Service’ section. This section is designed to seek information such as premium payment, processing a claim, various policy servicing options and so on.